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Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses

Vintage inspired style is firmly on trend in the wedding world - the timeless elegance and iconic looks from the past century have such a strong influence on modern fashion that a vintage wedding dress is the perfect option for a contemporary, stylish bride.

Because the term ‘vintage’ covers decades of fashion, there is truly something to suit every bride-to-be’s taste and preferences. Our exclusive range of vintage wedding dresses, designed by Viva Bride, has been specially handcrafted with flawless detail to capture the style of each different era - with a modern twist!

The full Viva Bride collection can be viewed here.

Here’s a quick guide to fashion through the decades:

  • 20s fashion moved away from corsets and restrictive clothing, celebrating the ‘flapper’ with low waists, rising hemlines, lace and beaded detailing and straight silhouettes.
  • The 30s brings to mind glamorous movie stars with feminine figure-hugging silk gowns and immaculate styling.
  • 40s designs were influenced by their wartime backdrop, adding a more tailored look to dresses with hemlines ending just below the knee.
  • 50s style was a mix of demure femininity and rock and roll freedom - higher hemlines, full skirts and dresses made to dance in!
  • The 60s enjoyed a range of styles, from cocktail dresses to the classic mod.
  • 70s fashion inspired free flowing maxi gowns as well as the mini dress!

The Viva Bride collection brings together elements from each vintage style with luxurious fabrics and a choice of tea length, ankle length and full length wedding gowns. These exclusive designs are priced between £399 to £599, making beautiful vintage wedding dresses affordable for every bride-to-be.

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