Tips & Advice on Wedding Dresses
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Tips & Advice on Wedding Dresses

Shopping for your wedding dress can be an overwhelming prospect and is usually a mix of excitement and anxiety: Will you find the perfect gown? Will you be able to afford it? Will you look like a flouncy meringue?!

We believe that wedding dress shopping should be as fun and stress-free as possible, and that’s why our approach to helping brides-to-be is friendly and down-to-earth. You’ll find no pressure at the Wedding Dress Factory Outlet - we’re open to everyone, no matter your budget, size or style! We encourage brides to browse, touch and try on as many gowns as they like, and our lovely staff are always on hand to give advice and support.

To make your wedding dress search a little easier, here are a few tips and tricks we’ve learnt over the years:

  • Bring someone whose opinion you trust! Choose your wedding dress shopping companions wisely... You don’t want someone who’s overly picky, but a gushingly positive friend who won’t tell you when something looks awful is no help either!

  • And if you can’t avoid bringing an unhelpful entourage then make use of our staff! The staff at the Wedding Dress Factory Outlet are experienced, objective and know exactly what we have in stock. Many brides who visit us say that they were persuaded by a staff member to try on something they’d never have chosen, and that particular dress ended up being ‘The One’!

  • Keep in mind the other elements of your outfit when looking for your wedding dress; your shoes, your wedding accessories, and your wedding lingerie. If possible, bring these items with you as your choice of dress may depend on the height of your wedding shoes or the position of straps on your underwear. We also stock veils, underskirts, tiaras and a selection of shrugs and boleros to match your wedding gown.

  • Don't worry about the size tag! Wedding dresses are sized differently to regular clothing, and most women find they require a larger size in their bridalwear. The most important thing is how you feel and look in your wedding gown, so don’t let the number on the tag distract you!
  • Give yourself plenty of time to browse and try on a wide selection of wedding dresses. Feeling rushed makes you stressed and can result in an impulse decision that isn’t the right one! At the Wedding Dress Factory Outlet we are relaxed and accommodating, and we’re happy for you to take your time and make the right choice. If you’re still undecided when it’s time to leave, you can always reserve a dress and decide later!

  • Make sure your wedding dress is comfortable and you can move easily in it. It’s not just about how you look! You need a wedding gown you can wear all day (and night) and still feel great - think about all the walking, dancing, hugging and posing you’re going to be doing on your special day, and ensure your chosen dress will be comfy all day long.

  • Finally, enjoy yourself! Wear comfy clothes that are easy to change in and out of, bring along your best mates, relax on our sofas in between trying on dresses and make it an exciting day out!

For more wedding dress shopping tips, visit our daily blog.

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